Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Two new ones for JazzitupwithDesignsbyNancy

Red Agate Tree Agate Brown Aventurine Dolomite beaded bangle bracelet. Exquisite earth tone combo wrap bangle bracelet. Each stone enhances the overall richness of this handmade bangle bracelet. Tree agate beads are rectangular and are mostly gray with variations of brown, black and copper throughout. Red agate rounds are a denser stone, but when the natural light have grains and variations of copper and brown. Dolomite oval beads are both light and dark gray with hues of peach, copper and tan mixed in. Beige, copper and brown glass pearl beads next to the dolomite bring out the variation in the stone. Brown Aventurine larger round gemstones are extremely rich and show streaks of different colors when in the natural sunlight. This uniquely 4 band wrap bracelet is exquiste and rich!

Zebra stone chip Peach Aventurine Handmade beaded bangle bracelet. Simple and rich handmade beaded bracelet is set with zebra stone chips, peach Aventurine gemstones and detailed metal flower beads. This is a rich combination of earth tone browns, copper and peach. Zebra stone is intricate and extremely rich with a spotted like grain of black, peach, rose, brown, copper and gray. Peach Aventurine rounds have hues of light and darker peach tones and a visible grain is seen in the natural light. Central rectangular zebra stone creates a very nice visual and displays the detail and variation in the stone wonderfuly. Memory wire is used for this bracelet to ensure the shape of the bracelet stays fresh. Bracelet is closed with a lobster claw clasp. Bracelet is approximately 7 3/4" internal measurment.