Friday, August 9, 2013

Some of my faves!

Exquisite blue green quartzite beaded bangle bracelet metal slider beads! Gorgeous decorative metal slider beads with green and blue glass crystals to pick up the surrounding light and just shimmer. Close up picks show the depth of the dyed quartzite which has a variation of blue and green hues and is so rich. Handmade Bracelet is a true bangle with 2-way clasp in silver. Clasp has a nice decorative etching on it. Teal glass pearls space out this lovely bracelet and add the right amount of piazza! Decorative metal sliders are 1" by 1" in size. Bracelet is a size womens large (medium may fit as well, depending on personal preference). Handmade bangle bracelet is made with memory wire to ensure shape is well preserved. Bangle bracelet inside dimentions is 8" around. This would make a fabulous gift for someone you love or maybe just for yourself.

Awesome deep plum bracelet. Purple Heart Shell Stick Handmade Bangle Bracelet Memory Wire Beaded Jewelry, which features Plum glass hearts that have white, black streaks and touchs of green. Hearts are scattered around the 4 bands and highlighted by silver metal floral spacers, shell sticks, plum shell rounds and plum glass beads. Plum glass beads are very deep plum and have flecks of white and purple streaking through them. Plum rounds are reflective and rich with some great grains of deeper color. 

Purple Imperial Jasper Swarovski Crystal 4 Band Stack Beaded Bracelet. Handmade Extremely rich Purple Imperial Jasper has grains of peach, pink, lavendar throughout the stones. Outside bands feature Imperical Jasper stones are oval and nestled in with Lavendar glass diamond cut beads, Purple fossil stone rounds and gorgeous decorative metal beads in two different designs. Inner bands are coupled together and feature brass metal slider beads with embedded Lavendar, purple and white diamond cut glass beads. Lavendar glass sliders are oval in shape and White glass sliders are round with diamond cut glass in four corners. Metal sliders are surrounded by Lavendar and Purple 6 mm bicone Swarovski Crystals and Lavendar glass round pearls in two sizes. This bracelet is truly elegant and has a sliding 4-band clasp for ease of getting on and off as well as keeping spacing and structure consistent. Bracelet is made on Stainless steel memory wire in a size 7 3/4" internal measurement.
Teal Mint Glass Pearl Clear Swarovski Beaded Rope Bangle Bracelet
Teal Mint Glass Pearl Clear Swarovski Beaded Rope Bangle Bracelet. This is an extremely elegant crochet rope bracelet featuring dark teal round glass pearl beads, mint or light teal round glass pearl beads and clear Swarovski cyrstal 4 mm bicone beads. The Swarovski crystals make this bracelet spectacular with shimmer and shine. The contrast in the teal and light teal make this handmade bangle crochet rope bracelet so rich. The pattern of the colors twisting around the bracelet look like a candy cane. To excenutate the richness, this beaded bracelet has a decorative metal bead cap that reminds me of a snowflake. Each end has a decorative larger teal glass pearl bead and decorative metal oval bead which makes all the colors in the bracelet pop. This 9" handmade bracelet is finished with a sterling silver heart shaped toggle.