Saturday, September 7, 2013

New items from Jazz it up with Designs by Nancy

Stunning Cobalt Jade Swarovski Gemstone Handmade bead bangle bracelet. Absolutely stunning and rich Cobalt blue beaded bracelet. Cobalt Jade is variable in shades and depth of color in every bead, beautiful and luscious. Cobalt Swarovski Crystal bicone are angled showing their intense color and intensifying their ability to pick up surrounding lights and shimmer. These two gorgeous beads are woven together with cobalt blue seed beads in a flat style that measures approximately 1" creating a beautiful cuff like quality to the layout. Shaping of bracelet is slightly curved or tapered towards the end making an elegant transition to the heart-shaped toggle clasp. Clasp adds elegance to this bangle with the metal drop. Overall bracelet measures 7 1/2" end to end and is a perfect fit for a size 7 wrist.
Stunning Ocean blues gemstone twisted net beaded rope bangle bracelet. Truly unique Azurite Chrysocolla handmade beaded net bracelet with a blue agate twist throughout the entire length of the bracelet. Azurite Chrysocolla is a beautiful polished aqua or teal stone that has a translucent quality. Blue agate is a dark blue that you can seek through as well, it is luscious and accents the Azurite very well. Teal galvanized seed beads are used to create the netted design and shimmer in the light. Beautiful decorative vintage metal end caps are used to finish off this rope bracelet that resemble leaves. Decorative heart shaped toggle clasp with a metal dangle adds the final touch for this gorgeous bracelet. Handmade bangle bracelet measures 7 1/2" end to end including clasp. With thickness of rope bracelet is a perfect fit for size 7 wrist.

Dalmatian Jasper Hematite Pearl Hand Crochet Rope bangle bracelet. Elegant and rich Handmade crochet rope bracelet features Dalmatian Jasper 4 mm rounds, magnetic Hematite 4 mm rounds and Cream Glass Pearls making a rich and luscious combo! Bracelet is crocheted in a twisted pattern with beads creating different height as it twists. Dalmatian Jasper Gemstone is gorgeous with main bead in an off white and is speckled with black and dark gray spots. Hematite is rich, magnetic and very shiny to the surrounding light. As always creamy luscious glass pearls enrich the combo and shine to this handmade bracelet. Gorgeous decorative end caps finish off this bracelet. Bangle measures 8" end to end, with the thickness fits better for a 7 -7 1/4" wrist. Bracelet closes with a beautifully decorative heart toggle clasp that has a tiny metal dangle.
Shimmering Purple Swarovski Metallic Netted Net Rope bangle bracelet Handmade. Pictures do not do this bracelet justice! This handmade bangle is a stunning and shimmering deep purple net rope bracelet featuring 6 mm Purple Swarovski bicone crystals, Metallic purple seed bead netting that criss crosses each crystal througout the bracelet. Rich copper decorative end caps enhance the richness of the purple crystals. Bracelet is highly flexible and has a little stretch to the design. Rich Swarovski crystals are elegant and shiny picking up the surrounding light. The metallic purple seed beads are so rich and add the necessary sparkle and richness to the design. Handmade net bracelet is finished off with a copper round toggle clasp that enhances the decorative copper metal end caps. Bracelet measures 7 1/2" to center of metal toggle where connection is made.
Purple Lavender Swarovski Beaded Crochet Rope Handmade bangle bracelet. This bracelet is for a purple loving individual! Highly contrasted purple and lavender hand crocheted beaded rope bracelet features purple Swarovski crystal bicones, deep purple jasper and lavender glass pearls. Rope bracelet is in a twisted pattern with very delicate and decorative metal bead caps followed by a large deep purple jasper round surrounded by delicate lavender glass pearls. Stunning Swarovski bicone beads reflect the surrounding light. A beautiful heart-shaped metal toggle clasp with metal drop closes this beautiful purple handmade beaded bangle bracelet. The rope thickness is approximately 3/4" and bracelet measures to center of toggle clasp where it connects.