Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weekly Spotlight - Crafts of the Past

I am thrilled to introduce Anna Garner - owner and creator of Crafts of the Past.  Anna brings forth the historical artifacts and creates amazing unique jewelry.  She has a vast variety of incredible items, you just have to take the time to browse through her store.  Crafts of the Past on Artfire

Please take some time to look at her incredible talent!

Directly from Anna:  Though I had used the modern form of modeling clay for making seal impressions for publication for quite a while, I had not dreamed of actually creating pendants, beads and whole sets of jewelry from the material. But my work with the Bactria-Margiana bronze stamp seals led me to create bronze metal pieces from polymerized bronze powder bearing the stamped images of the antiquities.

From my work with bronze clay I became attracted to polymerized art clay for making models for my bronze jewelry. That lured me into exploring the possibility of hand sculpting art clay jewelry from the latest forms of polymer clay, a medium that is both durable and beautiful. My exploration landed me into a new endeavor with a new identity for my studio's products: Polly Ceramica. Many of my products are stamped with the Polly Ceramica logo. 

I enjoy the chameleon quality in polymer clay. I can shape it however I wish it to be or I can let it show me how it wants to be shaped -- known as the organic method of creating art clay ornamentation. I enjoy using the organic technique of creating my Polly Ceramica jewelry pieces. Here are some of my recent creations: